Tuesday, February 1, 2011

That Must Have Been Disappointing

Two people apparently found the blog today after doing a Google search on "shrubbery + cheap".

I was deeply bemused.  Deeply.  Especially as this blog is nowhere to be seen in the top ten pages of google results.

However in checking this out I did discover in the website snippets that Google posts a reference to "a dance troupe wearing bustiers and exotic shrubbery."  My bemusement is now as the void of interstellar space compared to the void inside a peanut shell now.   Especially since, judging from the rest of the snippet and the url, the site is a Chinese pimp's web presence.*  So now we have men paying for the privilege of spending time with women in uncomfortable underwear and agricultural products?**

What's next inappropriate fixations on hedge shears? 

I don't think I want to know. 

*I did not click through, but s/he does promise virgins, though s/he makes no mention of what sort of plant life they are afflicted with.  Probably aspidistras. 

** How do you wear a shrubbery anyway?  Do you root it in the cups of the bustier?  Do I really want to go on thinking about this?

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