Friday, February 11, 2011

The Spirit of Blog Posts Yet to Come

I am falling over early tonight owing to an unwise moment of weakness in the face of a long awaited library book last night.  I have some how not fallen over yet today, despite running on about four hours of sleep. 

On the otherhand, I hope soon to write a short essay about how I came to love iceberg lettuce, post a recipe for peanut butter/cream cheese cookies (as soon as I can invent one, which will hopefully be before Monday*), and quite possibly some pictures of various things, for I have a good camera this weekend (ostensibly for taking pictures of poultry).

Edit:  After a minor debate about whether this article about food and the Interesting Events in Egypt should be a separate post, I decided to fold it in here. 

*In addition to being Giant Cephalopod Awareness Day-- which may merit a post of its own -- my subconscious has also decided that it's Take Cookies to Classmates Day, a moveable feast which reoccurs on a schedule that baffles me.

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