Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Challeges

This evening I ate latkes for the first time.  They were imperfect, based on a hazy recall of a recipe, and made by three totally drained people.  They were delicious, and certainly they fed me body and soul.

Now I need to make them.  I have these wild ideas about sweet potato latkes with chile verde and lime cilantro sour cream.

More importantly I have leftovers.

It occurs to me that part of the essential character of the evening hinges on my interpretation of J telling me that I ought to bring a baking potato for each person and maybe one extra.  I asked what sort of potato to buy, and she said that she didn't know but probably a baking potato.

I showed up with five potatoes therefore.  Five large potatoes. Almost twice the amount of potato that J thought she was asking for.  There were a stupendous number of pancakes on the table tonight.  Only a stupendous number of pancakes could have ensured that there were leftovers.  Four hungry adults can eat a lot of latkes.

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