Friday, March 18, 2011

Anyone Caught Moving Faster Than a Turnip Will Be Shot

I intended to write this post about my domestic short comings which are legion.  Except that I realized that I was using self-excoriation as an excuse not to fold laundry.  Yes, folks, this is how much I hate house work, I would rather embarrass myself in public than do it.

I went and folded laundry instead, and turned on iTunes.  I was doing really well, singing along to the Decemberists and Bob Marley, until Jason Webley's apocalyptic ode to gardening "Back to the Garden" came on.  I thought "aha! an excuse to stop" for there are several people reading this that would appreciate the lyrics, if not necessarily the drunken pirate delivery.  However the drunken pirate delivery, which is a hoot, is on an album that is out of print, and not running free on youtube (the version on youtube is uninspiring but it is there if you want it), so you will have to take my word for it.

Anyway, enough dilly dallying, I've got clothes to fold (and floors to take out and recycling to vacuum*).

*Silliest looking word in the English language.

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