Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Miscellany Again

1.  The End is Nigh...

No really.  The quarter is almost over, so I will go back to writing again.  I have a short film to edit, a printing bid to write, and a presentation to pull together. That's doable, right?

2.  Pearled barley makes a tasty substitute for rice in rice pudding.   Or at least I think so, possibly the reason I ended up with the leftovers is that my dinner companion did not agree.

3.  From the same meal:  toasted sunflower seeds, garlic, and olive oil make a wonderful topping for baked cod and/or catfish.  Especially if garnished with fresh cilantro.  (Some of my esteemed relatives will disagree, but I'm not one of those unfortunates who can't do cilantro.)


Probable sound track for the short film referred to above.

5.  Strangest search term of the week?  Shrubbery shirt cake

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