Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cake -- having it, eating it, analyzing it

Today is the birthday of one of the horde of knee high redheads that make up the current baby boom in my family.  I am probably doomed to come down with the horrible ick the birthday boy has, because germ avoidance would have meant not letting him sit in my lap while I read to him (besides which I'd been playing with him earlier in the week).  Easy choice. 

Now I have successfully managed to drag my adorable baby cousins into my blog.  It's only respect for my family's privacy that keeps me from making the blog wall to wall cousin pictures.  I think they're pretty great, as evidenced by my willingness to risk terrible diseases by playing with them.

I have also proved that I am the sort of person who will look at a perfectly awesome cake -- Viking Cousin's* coconut cake involves a bit more than a pound and a half of butter** -- and start trying to figure out how to make it better.  Or at least different.  I'm thinking fresh raspberries.  And a birthday boy who isn't feverish.

*He's taller than I am, speaks Norwegian, and has a red beard.  Nicknaming him anything else for purposes of blogging is unthinkable. 

** As someone who once described a failed recipe with the damning phrase, "needs more fat" I NEED THIS RECIPE.

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